Matthew Quick

Matthew Quick

Enthusiasts of the Australian artist Matthew Quick are invited to purchase limited edition art prints of his artwork.

Matthew Quick’s talent extends beyond his exquisite rendering of form in paint. One of the sharpest intellects in Australian art, Quick’s inquiring mind, his ability to reconstruct and morph imagery to fit his ideological take, and the leavening of his wit make him a formidable iconoclast.  

A narrative realist, Quick tells stories and makes quirky observations of the world around us. With the combination of title and image, deeper meanings emerge, triggering the unfolding of chapters in an endless array of stories the viewer is invited to create.

Quick has been widely acknowledged in collections throughout Australia and is a two-time Sulman prize finalist at the Art Gallery of NSW, amongst other coveted awards.

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Matthew Quick is represented by Nanda\Hobbs, Sydney.  VIEW CURRICULUM VITAE