It's important you take great care of your print before and after it's framed. We've put together some key tips to help you keep your artwork in mint condition.


  • The tube your print arrives is not archival or acid free, so don't store it for long periods.

  • We recommend you take your tubed print straight to the framer, rather than handling it yourself. Seek out a framer who is experienced at framing prints.

  • If you do take out of the tube yourself —when unrolling, be very careful of it recoiling as the corners can scratch the image and the paper may bend or dent. Only handle the edges of the paper, not the printed image. 

  • Avoid hanging the work in direct sunlight as UV rays may cause it to fade or it could buckle in the heat.

  • Humidity may also cause the print to buckle so we recommend you don’t hang in a moist room such as a bathroom or laundry.

  • Avoid placing the artwork too close to an air conditioner unit.